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Synopsis: It is the year 2888 and the Supreme Chancery of the city of Acropolis is about to face their biggest trial yet when the last hybrid leader of the human resistance is brought to their courts. Although humanoids have successfully taken over what remains of planet Earth, they are not exactly successful at eliminating laws from the ancients, one of which guarantees trials for humans. Vincent G220 is our central figure, a court report interpreter, and a reluctant deciding factor in this trail of the century. He quickly learns that this is not the open and shut case like most cases involving faulty hybrids. This one has a strong spiritual essence forcing the court reporter to face realities about his government, himself and otherworldly powers he never imagined existed. Under pressure of the all-seeing eye of the city of Acropolis, Vincent will not only decide on the fate of this a controversial leader but the future of the entire world with a war to end all wars right at the city's doorstep. 


Discoveries in the Closet: A Young Man's Struggle with Faith and Sexuality


A 80's, 90's, and early 2000's retrospective of being religious and gay.  A hard hitting, bold memoir on the after effects of bullying, the gay cure industry and navigating the pitfalls of coming out later in life. 


“LA bravely shares his story that is both insightful and surprisingly humorous given the traumas he experienced in the Ex-Gay world. His bravery will no doubt inspire others to overcome their own obstacles. I was deeply moved by this book.” –Joe Kort PH.D   

“LA gives great insight into the coming out process. I highly recommend this book!” ---Rachel Crandal-Crocker, MSW, LMSW, ACSW

"This book mirrors what many of us in the LGBT Community have felt & experienced growing up in strong religious families. Anyone struggling with their faith and sexuality should read this book. -- D. Dreisbach, Published Photographer


explicit material, includes several bonus features not available

on e-book versions.




Cryogenic Chronicles Vol 1: Cryo City

What happens when the rich and famous are mankind's last chance for survival? Lance Dupree was a high profile lawyer for the wealthy and finds himself awakened 180 years in the future joining an elite class that has given a middle finger to the Grim Reaper. The residents of Cryo City bought into an insurance plan that staged their death and woke them up in the future.  However, the escape clause that  Cryo City's inhabitants were counting on may not have provided the paradise and dream they wanted.  Indeed, perhaps a prison but a prison to keep them in or something else out? Join characters of the past and future on a wild ride through dimensions and time as Lance Dupree seeks answers to many mysteries. 


The Clan Wars Series: vOLUME One

Follow the journey of Lore, the first of an alien hybrid, and ancestor to the first future homosapien. The birth of the first hairless, marked child breaks the chain of the dominant Neanderthals within his Clan and thus causes a great upheaval. Walls tear family and Clan apart as a fight to understand power, abilities and even gender boil to the surface.  Meanwhile, the Earth itself is about to tear apart at the same time as Lore is torn between family and the supernatural power that draws him to others of his own alien race. An alien race under the power of foreboding otherworldly beings that want the Earth for their plans.   


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Fiction Books


The mystery of the Tower of Babel is something that stands unexplored in our minds and mythos but Josiah Bancroft explores this with a sense of style, flare, and splashes of Steampunk.  As many before him, he has lost his wife in the tower but the real danger and question is will he lose his soul on his quest to find her through the Towers many levels. Very unique concept!














Go on a flight of fancy that provides a metaphor on the journey of the soul of man in the most beautiful, touching way you can imagine!This book by David Lindsay is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy masterpiece!



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A Voyage to Arcturus
By David Lindsay

Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of my favorite writers for his way of telling allegorical stories.He has quite a Twilight Zone feel to his stories as well as delivering a message which is pretty good for a rather uptight religious background.The man was ahead of his time delivering the first ever short horror story, "Rappachini's Daughter", I would argue.

Hawthorne's Short Stories (Vintage Classics)
By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Terry Brooks and the Kingdom of Landover series was the first series of books I got into as a young adult. It has a charmingly quirky cast of characters with a story that is epic in feel and often subtly powerful in message.

Mark Hodder creates a series of Burton and Swinburne books that are both humorous, historical, and fantastic--don't miss it!Burton and Swinburne are sort of like a Laurel and Hardy duo from old films but with the smarts and the humor added in.People who like smart fiction will enjoy this trip back through time.

A Confederacy of Dunces is one of the funniest stories I have ever read.When I shared with an old professor, she gave it to her son who hated reading and the book hooked the kid into reading more! It also has a mystery behind it in that this one book author committed suicide because the book kept getting rejected by publishers.

Go to the depths of your own despair and questions and anger about God and questions unknown through this intense sci-fi series, The Sparrow.

Is it real or is it myth? You may feel screwed with but the title itself says, after all, what this is about...take the journey through history and a sexual romp for the missing Phallos. 

Phallos: Enhanced and Revised Edition
By Samuel R. Delany

Self Help

This version of Feeling of the Fear, along with CBT form of therapy, is really the only book that helped me function and beyond with intense social anxiety and depression.  

Many people have questions around pain, loss, and tragedy and God's role in it.  There is no one like Phillip Yancey who answers these questions with compassion and depth.

Where Is God When It Hurts?
By Philip Yancey

Phillip Yancey does it again with answering questions that almost all of us but are afraid to voice.  

If you struggle with self-esteem at all, you better read this book by Cheri Huber!


This book is basically a long series of journal entries/interviews of men on various places on the sexual spectrum.  It is raw, real and incredibly insightful.

There is a lot of information on the Bible and homosexuality.  Even more so, you will find on the web poor attempts to pretty good attempts to address clobber passages used against homosexuals but none compare to this book

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