Love Island—Score 4—(4 Seasons, 22+ episodes)

I have two very personal likes about this dating reality show. One, the eye candy is out of this world. These are very posh, good looking people. Two, they are all European and have these terrific accents where you can’t always understand what they are saying, but you are charmed anyway. This show is a guilty pleasure for me. I’m not a big reality TV fan but I can’t stop watching this one. Netflix has one called “Dating Around” which has much more quality people and a different concept entirely. On Love Island, only one couple will come out as the strongest couple to win the prize money. True love alliances are hard to come by so most of the Islanders are trying navigate friendships, fakery, and potentials. People rarely trust each other with good reason. I don’t know how these people stand staying in this villa and patio/pool all day but that is one minus. The scenery doesn’t change much. What is cool is the group dynamics are always changing by new people being thrown into the mix. And while people are also taken out of the mix as well, it happens slowly and somewhat painlessly. There is plenty of sex appeal but also some emotional appeal and plenty of drama. This is like a millennial posh version of Game of Thrones and Big Brother. I have loved learning words like “geezer” and ‘bird” (for those you are partnered up with), being “mugged-off” (for being rejected) and other lingo. The Islanders are not a bunch of people with high IQ’s or emotional intelligence and that’s part of the fun of watching the train wreck. However, they also not trash but pretty successful and others are filthy rich. Mixed in are wonderful splashes of love as some couples make nice bonds and gain insight. By and large it is a sexy ass European soap opera so don’t come to it expecting more than that and you will have a good time. If you are a gay male, I don’t think the eye candy could be any better. It might be so for lesbians too but I don’t know since I’m not one.