The Homies

The Homies

by LA Jamison


I'm back in my home town,

folks gone, riding dope,

sunk in a pit and want to gloat,

Yet I'm back here, seeking some hope.

Yeah, it is crazy like that.

Get over yourself.

Family begged, come on back

Now I'm here, in my home town,

riding round like some clown,

shaking their heads, why you here,

making a new life, new friends,

coming out queer. 


New times in an old place,

Different people,

Same faces.

Detroit on the brink,

The roads bump and stink,

But strangers, they will feed ya.

Rare them folks that won't leave ya.

Hold onto them, don't let them cleave you. 

Better than the jack-asses

only want you when they need ya,

won't let you merge,

rather speed ya,

off the road,

find a man, kiss some toads,

been down many roads,

too many people who don't count

you worth more than a jaded memory.

Don't you worry.

We are around.

Laughing at you,

Your homies,


All from your hometown,

They keep a jealous eye out,

that you might find some hope

and find a way out.