What Is Your Story?--FIXED


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Do you have a story tell? A movie replaying in your head? You might have a rough draft already written but can't move forward with it due to some mysterious block or you may have a great idea for a story but when it comes to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys), nothing happens.  This contest can help you! Whether it is just a personal story for family or a dream for the next best seller, don't let your dream die with you.  I can help you bring it to life.

How To Play

Submit your story idea in no greater than a 300 word description to my email lajamison@gotwords.org. 2 winners will receive a free hour consultation with me on bringing their story forward to the next level and a free copy of my next ebook, "Self Publishing For Less: Avoiding the Money Pitfalls and Scams".

Who Am I?

*3.9 GPA in Literature, Language and Writing and Communications for Teaching

*Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

*Published print and online articles, brochures, 20 years of freelance writing, self-published book with a second on the way.

*lay training in public speaking, counseling, creative writing, diversity awareness and publishing.

You may not have heard of me but I am worth your time.