What Can A Holiday Tradition Do, Really?

Family Traditions.jpg

This is my Christmas Tree. Maybe you think, 'big deal' or 'nice'.  I don't find a lot of comfort in traditions but Christmas is an exception and particularly this tree.  This fake Christmas tree is over 12 years old and doesn't show it.  It is very realistic up close and looks beautiful more so than most fake Christmas trees.  That is what you can see by looking at it in person. What you can't know is that angel on top has been in my family for eons.  The color and lack of beauty of this angel gives it a beauty all its own because of the memories.  This angel and this tree has traveled with me through the years.  This tree, bought by my dad who has past away decorated by all of us year after year, including my sister now past, is a time traveler.  Even more so, there is an unique reflection the lights make on this tree that I can't explain that I don't see in many decorated trees. When I was younger, it made such a impact on me I began to think about this God called "the light of the world".  It gave me hope. It reminded me that in all the ways this light appears in the world which touches me and others (as many as these Christmas lights or more), really is the joy of life.  Even though the tree and lights were 'fake', that kind of light is not.  

So what ornament, thing, tradition has significant meaning to you? Post a pic and talk about it or just talk about it...I am very interested! 

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