Your Brain on Porn Pt. III

I am going on about week four I believe on this new venture of doing my best to refrain from using porn.  I have some real encouraging results I wasn't expecting!

  1. I've become aware of how I had given up on romance and replaced that with porn to shut my sexual drive down when ever it surfaced, as well as to not have to deal with past shame around my sexuality.
  2. I have had a return (after about a year or so of absence) of spontaneous erections.
  3. Penis has a looser, flaccid state and doesn't feel numb or withdrawn.
  4. Reduced stress over a fear that I was developing some kind of low testosterone thing.
  5. A strong return of my libido.

That said, as I stated before, I have not taken "" mantra of having no porn or masturbation to heart but more or less, just a more restrained approach.  I did try to take of care business with thinking that I would just use porn to 'start my engines', but that led to actually using a particular video to the finish line.  It is much harder than it sounds to not use porn when you have nothing else and you are so used to the excitement.  However, I'm not beating myself up about it.  I am still having these great positive benefits and can now see there is benefit to using porn less then I was (which wasn't a whole lot to begin with). So, I'm pleased and its the first time I can say that.  My libido is back which is something I learned to quench with porn till I didn't realize it had taken a total hiatus. How scary is that?  Didn't even realize I was doing that.

I encourage every guy out there to reduce his porn consumption.  If you are interested in finding out more about the challenge, please go to my first post on this series and also ""