Part III-J. Smid

Written by John Smid, Co-Written by LA Jamison

Edited by LA Jamison

This is the third and final part of a three part series featuring the answers of John Smid from the famed Love in Action ex-gay ministry to three questions;

What brought you into Ex-Ministry? What brought you to the conviction of leaving your positions behind within Ex-Gay Ministry? Finally, what advice would give to those who are involved in Ex-Gay ministry and are struggling with being involved? Today, he answers the the last of the three.  John, no doubt, has some insight on what becomes similar to feeling for ex-gays of the walls closing in when one's begins to struggle with the concepts of "choice" and "change" around sexuality.  

Thank you John for being so forthcoming and choosing Got Words? to help get the word out!

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What advice would you give to ex-gay leaders or those involved in ex-gay ministry who may be struggling with their beliefs as you were?

I’m not a person who can live without authenticity. I cannot lie for long, or very well. I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. For those who are finding their path beginning to change, take courage. You are not alone. For others who are seeing that this can undermine years of a belief system, it truly does get better as we open our horizons.


I thought that opening up my mind would allow the devil to come in and deceive me more. I stuck with people who closed their hearts and weren’t open to thinking differently. Today? I’m relating to all sorts of people, having all kinds of enlightening conversations and discovering a larger God and a larger faith than I’ve ever had known before. I’m seeing the amazing goodness of God in and through gay people and their lives.


I used to believe that a gay couple could never truly love each other because of my thought that any gay relationship is based in sin. I’m now seeing amazing, loving, committed gay relationships. If you are someone whom is beginning to entertain new thoughts on homosexuality and faith, I recommend opening up your ears to the life stories of those around you. Listen to the hearts of LGBT people without an agenda for changes.  I found that the deep messages within the Bible are alive and well throughout the LGBT community. Messages of love, forgiveness, redemption, and restoration are alive and well there too.


My life is richer, fuller, and more l could have ever imagined those many years ago. Taking the risk to hear, to think, and to change opened me up to the abundance that the Bible promises.

John is now living with his partner as seen in the picture above.  He also has a website and ministry which you can view at