7 Fast Food Items To Avoid

There are a lot of rumors and articles out there on fast food items you want to avoid.  I've researched it from the Huffington Post, Fox News, E-Online and I'm giving you the ones that show up consistently in all three sources.   Now, some of the reasons are a little lame and some are shocking so I'm narrowing it down to the real bad ones (not the ones like Chipotle items that take a little longer to make or that Einsteins eggs aren't made with real eggs) .  Frustrating but not nasty.  I want to focus on the real nasty stuff... 

  1. Hold off on the Lemons?  Apparently employees who responded to the question of items to avoid, lemons were mentioned. They aren't washed, are picked up with bare hands, and sit out all night--like your kitchen scrub rag that is laying around.
  2. Hot Dogs at Concession Stands--Employees say that left over hot dogs are frozen and re-used at the next event.  If their constitution wasn't enough of a horror as it is, you now could be eating a hot dog that is several days old out of the package.
  3.  McDonald's McNuggets--We all knew this company would make this list.  Apparently unless you request a "fresh order", you will get nuggets that have been sitting around in the heater all day long.  They don't make new ones till they all sold out.
  4. Wendy's Chili--This is a long standing one.  They use left over hamburger meat that can even be expired, an employee reports.
  5. Gas Station Slushies--An employee reports that the amount of mold in the machines would "crush your childhood dreams". Supposedly this holds true for anything coming from the McCafe machines.
  6. Taco Bell Steak and Beans--Apparently the beans come out looking like cat food and employees are directed to stir with water till all white disappears.  Steak sits out a lot of the time and looks like hair gel.
  7. BBQ  Chicken from KofC--Employee reports that the chicken for these are too stale to give to homeless shelters so they dip them in BBQ sauce.

There are more that you can read about at the following sources but I wonder too if these couldn't be disgruntled employees so that is why I went only with the worst and consistent reported across all three. 

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Fox News Source
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