I Found My Penis

This is part 5 in a series of "Your Brain On Porn", done in part thru information on a website called "yourbrainonporn".  Though I don't follow it per letter as to their extreme prescriptions, I have found some pretty dramatic results in, at the very least, modifying and cutting back on my porn usage.   

It's Pride here in SE Michigan starting in Ferndale and will go on thru June.  So I wanted to update you since its been about 60 Days on modifying my usage of porn.  Great things have happened!  The plus side of this modification (which is specific to my needs and should not be followed exactly since everyone is different) continues to grow!  I must say, I feel like I got my penis back in more ways then one.  But, not all of it may even be do to my modifications; nevertheless, I cannot but think it has helped.

Here are the positive effects (I highly recommend re-reading pt 3 & 4 and comparing that to this)

  1. I am actively per suiting more dates and getting out more.  The only prevention around that is my finances. 
  2. More spontaneous erections.
  3. Penis has a looser state when flaccid. 
  4. A strong return of my libido. I have decreased shame when I am feeling sexual in public where for most of my life I got off simply to keep my sexual feelings out of my public experience.  This new lack of shame means decreased stress which means better health and looking better..which means getting hit on more.

My Porn Modification to-date:

You might laugh but it works.  Though I do look at pictures and what not because they are posted on Facebook and Twitter feeds, I don't use porn for self pleasuring except once a week.  And what I use it for is to get me started.  This failed me in the past...or rather, I failed at it because I would just fall into watching the whole thing.  However, I was able to work that out.  I also reduced the amount of jacking I do so I have more libido present, experience my sexuality and drive for a mate rather than numb it by immediate release.  

There is a factor to my positive side effects around all this that may not involve these modifications to also consider.  Some of these positive effect could be influenced if not completely due to my reduced medication and changes in diet and exercise.  I've lost some weight which can increase many things of those positives I mentioned.  But, that's neither here nor there for me. I enjoy enjoying myself sexually for once, starting with porn and then moving away and engaging in my studly self! This is much better than be totally sucked up in pixels and not aware of myself at all thinking that sexiness ever eludes me to porn stars. Having my penis back with the sense of it not being worn out through a lot of porn usage for me has been great!!  People can bawk all they want--and they do--but who can deny these results? And do I care if you bawk? Not really. Go ahead. Its my body...and this is your body. Do what's right for you.  And email me if you have any questions at lajamison@gotwords.org!