Japanese Candy & Vendors

So, I keep encountering folks with a fascination for all things Japan in the last year.  I never really got it and I still don't seem to have caught the fascination.  However, some of it has rubbed off on me.   I thought to introduce you to three favorite things of Japan; candy, toilets and vending machines.  

 First in this You Tube video, a chick shares the ultra wild Japanese candy out there and if your jaw doesn't drop...well, you are just not alive! Did you know that Japanese also have a fascination with toilets? They so like toilets that there is actually a restaurant where you sit on toilets and eat your dinner.  No kidding.  Now, they found a way to mesh their love for toilets and candy by combining the two (spoiler alert: these videos are a little long so be sure you don't miss the vending machine one below because it will just blow your mind).

Check out these wild candy vids: 


and would something like "butt pudding" appeal to you? Yeah, it doesn't appeal to me either but it is still hilarious so I'm just including it for good measure...


What about an edible Candy Land game? Now that's what I'm talking about!


If that didn't amaze you a little, this will.  Japan makes 7 trillion yen from vending machines every year with 5 million machines nationwide.  They have one for everything imaginable. Check it out.