An "amateur" rap by LA Jamison


The world is a cruel joke

Hit the books and

All my dreams are up in smoke.

People tell me choose happy

Makes me want to get all up on them and be slappy

They that 1%

Used my money to buy the cool-aide

oh, so now ya happy?

Ministers saying that I don’t give them dollars

They buy mansions and jet planes

Makes me want to hollar

Plastic smiles

Great talkers

while avoiding 8 mile

Mom shouts ‘dinner’s ready’

Just when I have a consistent thought that’s steady

I can’t seem to get much straight

My life in a loop

Like a fucked up figure eight

I used to race around

Hoping to figure out

What this life is all about

Learned hard lessons

Came out

once lost and now found

out most people don’t care

all guys want is to see

me in my underwear.

Folks, they rather wish you well

Even while you burn in hell

Say the fire is of your own making

Tell you why they are super stars

I lean over and give a fart

While my brain is baking

My body shaking

Things come taking

I’ll roar like a dinosaur

Send that bitch to the floor



Out from the shadows


Just like me 

When I get angry