Morning to Night

I was privileged recently to meet the soul of Neku Renea in the town of Royal Oak, Michigan.  There are these rare individuals in one's life that when you speak to them, you know you have met an honest, a joyful, and innocent soul whose approach on being borders both on holiness and being sheltered.  The difference with this person is he is not sheltered yet holds this non-judgmental perspective that is behind a desire to experience life and people where he can be himself.   Though I don't see myself as on the level of that kind of that holiness, I am not eons away either, and all of us can relate to the desires and expressions of such individuals.  I wanted to share some poems and thoughts of his here.


Morning to Night 

Wake me up 

with the presence of your morning kisses

And I'll wake you up

with whispers why I lay beside you.

Let your love pour

like a good cup of coffee

and my love will pour upon you

lasting longer than any fragrance.

Lay with me

with lips of silence

and let the energy of our souls

carry a conversation.

Look into my eyes

and witness my happiness

so that I may smile

as you discover your own reflection.

Then when the moon rises

let all I have to offer, cradle you to sleep

so that I may stare at a beautiful dream

sleeping in my reality.


Neku also comes up with various thoughts that are pretty profound for such a young man:

"We've all learned lessons and we've all made mistakes. Let our past be the motivation for our future and let failure fuel our success."

"The blanket of unconditional love, seems unrealistic to those who have adapted to the coldest of hearts".




Twenty two years of breathing

with a smile, that's so deceiving

bright eyes that gain your focus

with a wounded heart that goes unnoticed.

Oh free me and let the blood spill

with a fresh opened wound

so that thy heart may heal

but I was born with a weak stomach

I could never position a knife, for a slice

so I burn till the color of my skin turns

a sizzling sting with a silent scream

I live with temptation

that's worse than it seems.




Heaven is a place

where my body lies

in between your thighs

where our lips touch

and our tongues dance.

For more click the source below to access Neku's tumblr page.