2 Problems With Gay Marriage

Yeah, yeah, everyone's talking about it.  Gay marriage.  On facebook, a lot of my friends and family have profile pics in the rainbow colors.  And I pondered...should I put my picture in rainbow colors when everyone already is?  How is that unique?  Should I write anything on Word Splash about Gay Marriage since everyone else is already talking about it?

gay marriage.jpg

I came to this answer:  Hell yes!  First, this is an historic moment and second, I feel the difference not only within myself but in my LGBTQ family.  There is this certain amount of relief.  Room to breath.  My joints feel looser, isn't that weird, but I swear they do.  Many of us can still be fired from our jobs for being gay but I believe that is going to change quickly with this acceptance of marriage for us.  So are these sexually heightened pervs called "gays" really going to take this marriage thing seriously?  My pastor told me yesterday that their office phone is ringing off the hook for requests from people to get married.  Isn't that awesome!

There are 2 problems I see that could cloud Gay Marriage and one of these two problems effects everyone.  It just depends where you stand.



One is this idea that gay marriage is in direct opposition to faith and religion so people are hollering that the next fight is for "religious freedom".  It is as if we are going to march into churches and their homes that believe differently than we do and demand that we live there and have sex in their most sacred closets (pun intended).  This was a battle for our rights in the public square, and over the interpretation of the Constitution, not the Bible!  For those who are uncomfortable with this decision, realize that do you know some Churches believe drinking alcohol, playing cards and dancing is a sin today? Something tells me that the lady in the above pic may not approve of your drinking beer or wine or card play either and if she had her way, would make it illegal for everyone.  I'm not saying this to put those beliefs down.  But I bring it up because many Christians still drink, play cards and dance. Prohibition in the public square on these matters does not exist and why?  Because "sins" are not something the government does or should dictate.  Morals, as long as they are not criminal violations (such as drinking and driving is illegal) are private matters.  No one can or should come into your church and say what you must preach or believe in a certain way as long as it isn't harming one.   Many are saying the courts or federal government shouldn't be allowed to make this decision, that the states should.  However, interracial marriages and segregation of blacks from white schools was a failure of the states to act because many people within those states used the Bible to condemn blacks as somehow lesser human beings and so the courts stepped in.  They used that thing we call "checks and balances" to do right by our laws--even against public opinion.  It is the same thing in this case.  The courts had to step in because the public does not get to dictate any moral that is used in such discriminatory fashion as has been done to the LGBT community.  You can't abuse people with your own private morals and deny them their rights.


Second, our President (no matter how you feel about him) said we, who are in celebration of this ruling, need "to reach back" and help bring others along.  What brought us this far were the public officials and the church leaders and family seeing who we are as people.  Getting into verbal arguments that involve a "I want nothing to do with you" message is not something to waste our energy upon.  Have discourse, but realize the biggest way for you to reach back and help the community that is unsupportive of this decision is to come out, be out and let people know who you are as a person.  If you think you are doing a service to yourself by being closeted or private about your LGBT status, I invite you to just think again.  I don't mean doing a TV interview with Diane Sawyer but with your family and friends.  It has only been as people got to know who we are as people that they saw the toxic mythos around us as false. They quickly saw we were not harmful or evil or had an intent to convert their children into becoming gay.  I think many of us are seeing more than ever that being closeted and private hasn't served us and allowed room for a whole lot of suspicions and fears about gays.  Even so, LGBT is only a small facet of who we are as people so above anything else shine your light, and there is no way people can deny that you deserve to be treated equally and fairly under a law that is not discriminatory.

Now....who wants to marry me? I'm ready! ;-)