The Gay Man's Swimsuit

I christened our pool today by taking my first swim for the summer in my first "gay" swimsuit!  

N  ot   my actual pool: Mine is the size of a walk in closet  .

Not my actual pool: Mine is the size of a walk in closet.


What is a gay man's swimsuit vs. a regular swimsuit? Let me educate you!

Well, its usually bought from a place with the words men, skivvies, undergear and even clever names that might make you think of religious connotations like "Andrew Christian".  Oh woops! Instead of selling underwear fit for a priest or selling a minister's collar, its thongs! oh Darn...well let's just see what they have while I'm here, right?  Yes, don't go to Andrew christian's website looking for puritan dress wear. 

In one way or another, the title of these sites are a bit memorable and really, lighten up.  I'm glad for all the clever names that got me to go to these sites, even back in my all too Puritan, shy days. The names coerced me into seeing some great male forms and got me excited about buying some things for myself.

 You can read about Me working through a fundamentalist mind set in my book, just click here



You will find everything from thongs, jocks to briefs and boxers and swimsuits that are pretty much in the same style as the underwear being sold. you could easily mistake underwear for their swimsuits. I've done that before.  The hard, buffed male body with only the finest of models is the center focus.   There may be even a video or two with guys dancing around in their undies or swimsuits to lure you in.  


The only negative is when you put on a swim suit that a model who has a six pack is wearing.  it may not look as "hot" with your one pack or belly roll.  Sigh...hey...we all don't have jobs where we work 24hrs on our body so don't be toooo hard on yourself guys!  Like they say, there is a guy just for you out there... well, there is a bathing suit for you out there.  And the fun is in the finding. 



The swim suits on sites geared for the gay male are typically (not always) tight fitting, riske', have colorful options (like the rainbow!), and accents what gay men like most (buttocks, buldge, and actually hip and thighs if you have them).  In my case, I was shocked. Mine came with an attached velcro C-ring.  WTF? Honestly, it was a little annoying. In what business meeting did they ever decide that velcro in the pubic region was a good move?  Hello? Not all of us are into completely man-scaping that area. And does a C-ring have to be in everything now in order for it to be truly gay?  I hope not.  C-rings are common place in gay men's underwear now, and they are usually flimsy or agitating, I find. one size does not fit all.  I really just wish designers would cut that out.  I was glad no one was down by the pool today because I was like a baseball player on the diamond, continually adjusting myself with straps, BULGES and a odd sense of Velcro floating about in my shorts.  Fortunately for me, I found out that this C-ring is actually removable.    

I'm not sure this is the final swimsuit for me...I haven't lost the weight I wanted to, though I'm close.  In either case, I hope this is not, cuz honestly, its a lot of fun trying; from shopping on the colorful, lusty sites to doing a little a strut, even when no one is looking but especially when they are.