Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum--Pt. II

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Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum--PT. II

Written by LA Jamison

Edited by Shari Staten

Got Words? is all about marching to beat of your own drum with the emphasis on the creative.  Yet, there is a struggle for those who do make their own mark on the world with a desire for their expressions to be appreciated, if not understood, by someone.  Maybe not by the masses, but at least a few people who may share a creative, spiritual, or even sexual side you share (the list is endless).  These are re-vamped posts from my old site that speak to inspire and encourage those on that journey. (Read Part One here:  Part One)



Marching to the beat of your own drum involves the need for identity--a very human need. A need the world and even religions are all but too willing to manipulate. Where I grew up and for a large part of my life you had two choices for social outlets: drugs or fundamentalist-new-agey churches. Being rather inclined to low risk and a nature toward spirituality,  I went the Christian/fundamentalist route. One of the strongest blinders that kept me from seeing the error of strict fundamentalism was the spiritual high I got from the music.  Fundamentalist Christian music is often heavy with repetition, passion and adoration to a simplified God.  Chords and melodies cleared out the confusion by having one path, one Bible (The King James only, thank you very much) and one view of God (their own Church's view of God). We sang about it, talked about it, prayed about it and witnessed about it. The "worship music" was the fuel when the reality of a fake, inhumane religion pierced our hearts. Quite often, I was appalled at how dynamic worshipers were in the pews and yet how cold they were once church service was over.  I would literally shiver from the lack of the love I felt in many Churches.  The very same Churches that seemingly generated awe inspiring music, but at the same time loveless cult followers of doctrine, ritual and plain song.  Sad to say, there appears to be more churches than not that fall into this category.  


I don't discount the lessons I’ve learned on my faith journey (not all of them were mistakes). Nevertheless, it is interesting to me that it took me a long time to be able to listen to certain spiritual songs I was previously moved by because of the triggered reminders of being miserable, ashamed, and vexed by a belief system with terrific sounding music. You may not be spiritual.  In that case, you can look at it from another angle:  Ever have a song that reminds you of a certain person and that relationship goes sour?  What a bitter pill it is when that song pops up on the radio, no?  All of the sudden, it’s as though you are hit in the stomach and you come to the realization of the power you had given that person in your life...right down to the music. It can be a person or a god or even a person we made into a god and it all comes out in the music. The music set to our life.

We are bombarded with language and music in various spheres of influence that call on us to march to the beat of THEIR drum.  We must take time out from all the noise and distraction to find our own music again.  How can we find the beat of our own drum?  Authentic living is the way to go. You can enjoy the music and language of other people's lives without it having to shape or manipulate your own identity.  How is this done?    In the next part, I will give some examples.

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