Please Pass The Condom....


I'm sorry. I am not trying to be sacra-religious.  This T-Shirt is just too funny not to show you. But it also brings up a good point...we don't like to think of Jesus as a sexual creature and yet he was in a human earthsuit and surely had sexual desires.  I know its tough for many of us to think about, but Jesus got a woody!  (Yes, I'm still here and not struck by lightning).  I'm sure Jesus did get a woody because unlike what you have been told, sex and things like erections are not a sin.  So ask yourself, would Jesus give out a condom?  How about a pastor?  

It makes those of us who have had an religious affiliation shake our heads, not necessarily in disapproval, but to jar ourselves awake, "Did I just hear that right?".  Well you did.  A pastor from a ministry called The Rock and The Rainbow gives a track to homeless LGBT youth containing also some resources, his love, even sleeps on the street in solidarity with them but also a condom.  There is a shocking unknown fact that there are many homeless children on the streets simply for the fact that their parents won't accept a gay child in their home.  Shocking still, they can and do use not only self bigotry but religious bigotry to justify it.  Sometimes this means prostitution for these kids to survive.

Before you bawk, and say "Well now that is just condoning prostitution to give these young folk condoms?", ask yourself;  Does giving a meal to a homeless person condone and promote "homelessness"?  More than just a meal, it is also a big element of showing someone they are cared for and that it is good for them to take care of themselves too.  I loved when I read this correlation between giving a condom to giving a meal from the pastor of The Rock and Rainbows online because it is so true.  

I encourage you to read the article here on Impact Magazine about this ministry, but you'll have to click on the condoms to do it :-)    And also, take note of the Ruth Ellis icon below which will take you to the page of an organization right here in the Detroit area that directly tackles this issue and helps homeless LGBT youth.  

Find out more about LGBT homelessness

Find out more about LGBT homelessness