What is in a Name? Pt. III


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In part two, we looked at how the first set of lyrics in the song "Consuming Fire", speak to us about how we all hunger for more...to know more about who we are and for some of us, who our higher power is.  We also looked at the process of how one might make better opportunities to achieve that kind of connection. We know also by this point that doing something in the name of someone else, like in Jesus' name, is not meant to be some secret code word but rather an act done that expresses or represents the character of said person.  

Let's move on to the second set of lyrics:

Consuming fire
Fan into flame
A passion for Your name
Spirit of God
Fall in this place
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way
With us

The song now moves into the idea of a fire that consumes.  There is all around us this mysterious passion in life and the world.  Have you ever seen it or touched it?  The joy in a child's face, the wave of a tree in the wind, the clouds, sun and moon.  As much as we would like to break down everything into scientific equations that can be explained, the reality is if you can't accept a little mystery in this life, you really are seeing things with a pretty narrow vision.  When we trust to make a practice of waiting, meditating, and praying/connecting to a higher power, you will come in contact to a very passionate loving energy behind all of life that speaks nothing else but love and giving life to your soul.  A mysterious power that transforms your soul. When you do make this connection as describe in pt. II (and again this takes practice so don't fret if you aren't there yet), one realization you may have about your soul as you encounter this outward passion coming inward is how empty your soul really is.  With this "all consuming fire", there is a humble reality of how seemingly impossible it is for that consuming fire to effect much change in us.  The passion feels like drops of water in a wide open desert starving for water.  It feels at first outside of us, and we long for it to come in and fill our vast void..."fall in this place" and "fan into flame", as the lyricist of this song says.  Things in our busy lives often bring our passionate flaming connection to self and god to a very low level BUT it rarely goes out.  It can be fanned into a flame again.

This is why the singer is calling out and why it is important that you call out.  Of course, the singer has a specific divine being he is thinking of, but for you, it could be as simple as life itself.  In either case, at some point hopefully, you are going to notice this "fire", this "passion", taking possession of yourself, moving in and out and back again.  For some of us, you can feel it.  Maybe you get goosebumps, your hairs on your arms stand up, you are heart swells with this incredible sense of love and passion.  For others you might not sense this in a physical way, but you are definitely in touch with the fact that what was once weighing down is no longer doing so. You can see clearer.  The harsh, self critical voice that would even tell you that you aren't meditating right "so just give up" is silenced.  God's spirit or presence is here.  The power of a living divine God has arrived.  You can see yourself and the world around you and in you like you never have before!

The lyricist at this points gives us a bit of prayer or recipe for what to do at this point.  He says, "fan into flame, a passion for your name".  Does this mean we are asking of God or ourselves to like the sound of a name? Of the sound of repeating God's name so that we feel "holy"?  Sadly, this is often the shallow puddle people take this notion to; infatuating ourselves with the "sound" of things or treating a name like a idolized genie that will pass down to us everything we want and need, but really never going beyond that.  Yet, what have we already learned about a name?  The lyricist is talking about a passion for the characteristics God has, a passion for the characteristics that are truly the new you.  The you who is clear headed without the harsh critic.  The you who is able to connect to God or Jesus or the Universe.  So, why do that? Isn't it rather selfish to make such a focus?  

Who said being selfish was a bad thing?  Some selfishness is good as long as you aren't becoming some kind of arrogant narcissist. Jesus himself left crowds waiting while spending hours in the process I'm describing to you before he submitted himself to their needs.  It is important that you do this because this place of true authentic connection with ourselves, the world around us and God is something we must become truly passionate about it because everything fights against us to be in such a state.  A state of being our true selves fully connected.  Distractions. Fear. Anger. Greed.  Pretty soon, the mask is up again and we become human doings rather than human beings hoping for a break sometime soon.  

Therefore, the prayer here is, for the rest of the verse, once you recognize and are in touch with this readily available passion (consuming fire) and your own emptiness, you focus on your desire for this passion.  Your prayer is about seeing this empty place where little to no fire exists within you and you say "fan into a flame, a passion..." , "Fall in this place" , "Lord, have your way, Lord have your way".  I don't know about you but I prefer a soul posture of humility and reverence for such forces and not a sense of superiority or control.  "Lord, have your way" and calling on the Spirit of God is a way that I personally am in touch with a power that is higher than myself and I'm not only letting that power know, this God power, but also my conscious mind and subconscious mind know I want their help.  For me, it is not a trick of any kind, because I have other reasons why I know God exists for me but I am also showing you how it benefits the mind as well by being in a seeking, humble posture rather than an entitled one.  A self deprecating posture shows just as much a sign of not being in touch with our name, authentic character, as does an arrogant one.  The person who truly knows themselves knows their place in the universe and in this big family of humanity and understands that no one is better than them and they are no better than anyone.  

These processes I'm describing to you from Pt. I, II, III  (especially II & III) is something you will practice your whole life.  Don't think this is one time process and once you "get it", you walk away having arrived.  To you who don't like the idea of the process, that may be a bit of bad news. However, I got good news for you: The more you practice it, the quicker you can make that connection where you won't have to spend a lot of time breaking down the walls and putting aside the angst.  Some days you will connect with just a thought, others it might take longer.  

Are we done? Not quite yet--time to go deeper still in the last part of this series coming soon! Stay tuned and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!