What's in a Name Pt. IV

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Now, let's examine the last set of lyrics. 

Come like a rushing wind,
Clothe us with power from on high,
Now set the captives free,
Leave us abandoned to Your praise.

Lord let Your glory fall,
Lord let Your glory fall.

Stir it up in our hearts Lord,
Stir it up in our hearts Lord,
Stir it up in our hearts Lord,
A passion for Your Name.

These last set of lyrics have to do with supernatural power, the Spirit, freedom and once again a call to stir within us a passion for character--character of God and self.

"Come like a rushing wind" is a simile that evokes the characteristic of spirit.  Here we are talking about the name or character of Spirit.  The Spirit is often referred to as something similar to wind in lore, scripture and mythology.  Think of a scary movie or haunted house. Often, when a ghost enters, candles flicker or go out, drapes move, chandeliers swing.  Jesus compared the Spirit to wind saying that just like wind "no one can see where from where it comes or where it goes" (directional with the visibly eye).  Spirit is mysterious and that is why some people have a hard time believing it exists or how to define it.  Some think of it in terms of the human soul (mind, body and ego).  Others see it as a divine force outside our body and still others combine the two.  

Here the lyricist is calling on the divine reference and the request is three fold; give us power, freedom, and heavenly bliss.  The kind of bliss where you aren't aware of anything else but all that is pleasing with the additional awareness of the source of that bliss--the heavens, the universe or God.  The question becomes do we as human's have the ability to access power, freedom and bliss without a divine source?  Of course, some feel they can and others do not.  This comes down to the biggest question in this series: do we need God? Is God real or something like a placebo that manufactures these traits simply because of a false belief?

One time I overheard a conversation where a young man was trying to put an overzealous evangelist in his place by saying, about the divine, "I don't need a coping mechanism to get through life."  Is God, for the "faithful", a false source of comfort? It is a hard question for us to answer because we humans face the prospect of a future death daily which opens us up to conjecture and skepticism around the notion of an afterlife.  What is interesting about this young man that responded to this zealot in this way is that he too was using coping mechanisms he wasn't willing to admit and the zealot didn't know. I, however, knew the young man. He was using a drug and alcohol just to get through his day.  These are also coping mechanisms.  So, you can find holes in almost any stance if you are insistent on finding them.  However, those truly in touch with divine are aware of what the need is in their life and the fact that many of them find power, freedom and bliss through The Spirit says something.  The lyrics reflect this when it talks about "cloth us ...from on high".  One has to recognize they are naked and need clothing before they are going to ask for it.

There is something interesting in scripture that says those who come and seek from God must also believe that God answers those who seek.  Now I don't know about anyone else, but there are many times I have come believing and seeking and didn't get a response right away or in the way I thought.  However, it came later after I had given up already or began to doubt.  This almost really disproves the notion that Spirit is nothing more than a false placebo effect.  Spirit, in my belief, is very real and very strong.  However, like the wind, you can't visibly always see it, you can't control it.  It is the very breath of God making things come to be--whether that be a comfort, an empowering, or a "not yet" with a residing peace, and even greater miracles in one's life.

The last two lines of "let your glory fall" and "stir it up in our hearts...a passion for name" is reminiscent of the beginning.  It acknowledges that these things are often not present and need to either be made present, seen with new eyes, or rekindled.  Being sensory beings, we are often caught up in the exterior of our world which isn't necessarily bad. God made us that way but not to the exclusion to the divine and that which is within.  This is why it is important we call upon and reflect on the attributes of character of God and the self we desire to be.  Many people of faith feel if they say the name of their God enough or do the prescribed rituals or enough or follow their religious leaders beliefs to the letter, that they know God. But, there is no magic word in faith.  Their is no magic name spoken that one can evoke to do human will. Religious bigots believe this, terrorists believe this, ego maniacs believe this...not those who truly want to dig within and get with God.  

May God's Spirit guide you in your journey to fullness of character, power, freedom and a life that is blissfully connected to all that you can be and all that God is.