Things That Go Bump in the Night!

This is Pt. II of the post "Who Ya Gonna Call?" about ghost stories. If you have some, share yours below in the comments!

Picture taken from the film The Conjuring

Picture taken from the film The Conjuring


Before I share mine, here is an interesting article on the film and books around The Conjuring. The article explores whether the film is true and how it is tied the story The Amityville Horror.

I have a few little paranormal stories and encounters with people who have passed away and reassurances that they were okay.  Nothing big or dramatic.  But probably if I was to choose one that was scary to me, it would be this one:


We lived in an apartment that the person before us died in. Whether that means anything or not, I mention it because some believe such a thing can.  I had recently gotten a prescription for depression that would ultimately change my life.  The night of, I turned out my light and laid down to sleep. Once I closed my eyes, my pill bottle next to my bed would rattle as if someone was shaking it to scare me. I would turn on the light, and it would stop.  This kept happening over and over until I finally just took the pill bottle out of my room and set in the kitchen.  That morning, I felt something good but I heard papers in my room rustling around as if someone was looking through them.  Then I felt a rush of wind leave as if something invisible to my eye was frustrated. Now I don't know how to say this...but with my inner eye, I could sense something knew it no longer had a hold on me, and it left in a fit. And a row of car alarms went off in front of my apartment in the very direction I sensed it leaving.   It's not been an easy road with depression/anxiety and it is not like I never struggle just because of the help of this particular medication. However, this medication is a miracle to me in what it does and I think someone or something wasn't happy about the upcoming breakthrough.

What's your story or one you know? Put in the comments below!