Dating Stories: Laugh or Cry

Dating has changed over the decades. It no big secret. A lot of people meet through dating internet sites because it has become increasingly difficult to meet people. Regardless of how one meets someone for a date, dating has the potential for both horrible and funny stories.  What are yours or stories you know?

Here are a sample of mine:

Dating Story One

I went out with a young man I was talking to on the internet.  He was late at the public meeting spot (I always meet in public if it is a person off the internet) but his looks made me soon forget. Each and every restaurant I suggested was a "no" with an eye roll.  When we settled on one, the bread and drinks came first. He took the bread and took off pieces rolling them up into tiny balls that he gathered forming a circle on his bread plate.  He described himself as one of those couch hoppers. A drifter and I couldn't wait for the wind to come in and carry him on down the road. Especially when he ordered ketchup with his pasta dish.


Dating Story Two

I was set up on a blind date with what I call the great pumpkin.  She was a big girl. She could not fit in the movie seat and needed a seat for each cheek.  She wore all orange, from lip stick, dress, to nail polish and treated me like an annoying gnat.   



Dating Story Three (This is a very common one that has been repeated)

A guy over the internet had displayed pictures of himself that were probably from when he was thirty.  When I met him at a local coffee shop, he was old enough that he little to no teeth. He was gumming it and clearly in his late 60's to 70's with absolutely nothing pleasant to say. Turned out he knew the man I had just separated from and had been seeing him the entire time.  When he drove away, in the back window was the Teddy Bear I had sent my prior boyfriend for Valentines Day.  


What Are Your Nightmare Dating Stories? Share in the comments below and turn a frown upside down. You are not alone! 

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