God Bless America?


Just a small story about this idea of majority rules and the rise of a very biased, socially, emotionally unintelligent part of America.  A woman I know complained to me about something we mutually agreed upon.  A handicapped young man would say The Pledge of The Allegiance over the P.A. and end it with "God Bless America". He would also sometimes say "Have a good day" or "Go Michigan!".  One time, and one time only, he said "God Bless You All" and it became a big ordeal after two teachers complained.  Legally he was allowed to because the school had already, for years, allowed this student to make personal statements already ("have a good day" etc.) and his religious statement could now no longer be excluded as anything other than a personal statement they had already allowed.  However, the school still insists, even now, that he isn't to say that. He could fight it but I don't think he will.  

We both agreed how unnecessary this was and sad for him his senior year. I have a hard time when someone wishes people well (no matter their context of it), if it is authentic, that this must be censored because it may have a religious context. It is as if somehow we aren't smart enough to not let their beliefs rule the school if we allow them to utter a word of it publically. We are smarter than that aren't we? I think we can take such salutations as adults should, as a blessing.  We need not get into all these extremes.    

Where I had an issue is when this woman went on to say "You know, we used to be the majority here (the school). Now, because of two people in a very small minority, we all have to be quiet."  I was reminded immediately of her rather Trumpian stance and this fear that minorities would ever have any rights that cause a sacrifice for her.  I saw where she was going with it versus where I was with it.  There is a fear that the Trump administration and those in the republican party are playing off of. A fear that is in play to get a whole slew of other things done that are very draconian;  24 million off of health care, our waters unprotected from contamination and from the coast guard (to be eliminated),  the Dept. of education on the chopping block, free and reduced lunches and breakfast for kids eliminated, the poor and those on the edge of poverty paying the biggest tax increase, LGBT rights being chipped away from a back door (elimination of Transgender rights to bathrooms, elderly LGBT remove from being counted for elderly services), Wall-street and bank regulations eliminated, funds for emergencies that were essential in 9/11 and Katrina-like disasters are being eliminated and on and on it goes. The threat really has never been the rights and privileges of the majority just because the majority had to make room for the minorities in legislation. It just doesn't make sense to hold that argument--especially if that ruling majority has been biased and bigoted toward minorities.  Every country worth its salt provides and protects for their own. Heck, Sweden pays its people over 1000.00 to go on vacation. Here, you are under speculation for being lazy if you go on one.  But because the present majority rulers don't need these services themselves, they see need for them. It is easy to dismiss them in order to make sure they don't have to sacrifice one cent, emotion or one strain on the brain to think about those who walk in shoes that are not their own.  One could argue this is a treasonous administration with its continuous rising leaks of Russian ties.  Russian ties or not, we have plenty of Americans who are willing to go along with these changes but also cheer them.

Maybe with this administration we shouldn't be hailing God Bless America as much as God Help America and God Forgive America. Maybe that student would be better off saying that instead.  At the very least, it is probably all we qualify for to a divine being.