'Fuck Trump' Mantra: Will It Fuck Up The Next Election?


Before you bombard me with messages on why or why not Trump deserves it, I am not saying Deniro's use of language will mess up the next election but rather asking your opinion on what impact does it make and to whom?

The media and his base are focusing on the colorful language. Words matter. Think of "Read My Lips" and "Mission Accomplished".  These two very small set of words impacted a lot politically.  Right now, the actor's very intelligent message is overshadowed by a mantra going around "Fuck Trump" minus the rest of the message.  This is all anyone is focusing on rather than his call for us to use our power to vote.  So the question comes to my mind: not what impact do the words "Fuck Trump" have on those who are not for Trump's presidency, but on those who have been "for it" and maybe, more importantly, those "on the fence"?

Here are just some things I am considering & leave your comments below:

Free Speech and our right to say what we want

How awful this President's words and actions have been 

The Scripture that reads "Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial" and also others that tell us to be above reproach to those who are against what we stand for so that we stand blameless. 

Don Miguel Ruiz's book "The Four Agreements" and the very first agreement being "Be Impeccable With Your Words". This book has deeply impacted me.

In America, we all have the right to say what they want but should those with a much larger platform consider the impact of their words?  When you have millions of viewers across the globe, what impact does it have? 

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