Hot Bods & Hot Rods @ Allen Park

by LA Jamison

I recently explored the Allen Park Auto Show which is only moments from where I live.  It was the idea of one of my newer friends Jonathan Westbay who nearly has the same crazy sense of humor as I do.  He is pictured below.

Jonathan Westbay, June 2018 Allen Park Auto Show

Jonathan Westbay, June 2018 Allen Park Auto Show

We both know about cars as much as Trump knows about when to abstain from Tweeting--not much at all.  Rather, Jonathan and I know much more about being musicians than the inner workings of cars. Still, whether you know a lot or a little about cars or a lot, everyone can appreciate the spectacle of a car show.  Yes, even you gays!  Though Jonathan is straight, I am not, and I still enjoyed this a lot. There are a wide array of colors that "pop" to your eye. The cars are often kept in immaculate condition by their owners. Many owners have displays about the car's history within their family so there is a story behind them. Consider it gossip, juicy gossip. Whatever you want to call it, but you will appreciate the stories and history. Some cars haven't been touched since they came off the lot back in the 1960's. But almost, all, have I-Phone USB chargers in them. Ha! Steve Jobs would be proud. Even classic cars can't get way from Apple Products.

You would be surprised at the intricate designs on the classic cars, right down to the seat covers and fabrics.  The different design of the many vehicles are endless and often reflect an era where things were....hmmmmm....less intense on the world stage, unlike today? Is that okay to say? Anywho, what gay man doesn't like the word "muscle"? Muscle cars are hot and sometimes, honey, so are their owners. You know what I am saying?   Muscle cars got shape and beef to them with strong powerful engines. Whew ! 

There is no queen who doesn't want to drive off with their dream beau in a dream car. There are many dreams to be had at these kinds of shows. Some of the cars are even for sale and some at surprisingly affordable prices! Apparently, from talking to a new classic car show person for the Allen Park Auto Show, not all car shows are safe and friendly.  He called this one the best he had been to because people were considerate and just enjoyed the views. It is a humbling experience in a way because these car owners are opening a part of their lives and risking that complete strangers are going to come up and treat their vehicle with the respect it deserves.  Here are some of the many cars at this years Allen Park Auto Show. 

Below are a few of the more gimmicky cars that actually do run and are more for laughs. Make them large when viewing and see some hilarious add-ons the owners pimped their vehicles with. I threw in a cool van too only because I will be showing another similar van in a different spot. The Hearse was actually for sale for 13,000 I believe. The Florida cop car was just like the ones I used to see when I lived in Florida in the 80's!

And now for the finale'! Here are the rest. If you look close, you will see a skull for a door lock, Groucho Marx, The Road Runner, A sign that reads "Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hold On", and a figure peeing into the engine (yes, really). Enjoy!