Making Elections Fair Again

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Everyday we are swamped with bad news around very complex problems both home and abroad. It becomes overwhelming, and many of us aren’t sure what to do. I often find myself saying “Ho hum, this is awful. What can I do besides pray it works out?”. I just hope my voting will change things. However, we see where sheer voting at the polling booths have gotten us. Voting itself has become under threat and one of the biggest ones besides foreign interference is unfair gerrymandering practices. Whether you are democratic or republican or some other status, we can all behind bi-partisan movements to save what all have been complaining about for so long—the corruption of our government by foreign powers and corporations.

One of those bi-partisan efforts to save our Democracy is rectifying gerrymandering. Michigan was one of eight of states to pass an amendment that would end the virtually criminal manipulation of voting districts that suppresses voters and pre-determines results by splicing up districts in favor of one party. This means that districts are mapped out by the predominant party so that even if all voters turn out in a given district, the predominant party would win because they have sliced and diced the districts in such a way that their own party wins the vote for that state.


Recently on the news, you may have heard that the Supreme Court voted that this practice can continue by basically keeping their hand out of the mess. So what can you do if the Federal Government won’t step in? You can join the bi-partisan movement to make amendments in each state that counteract this manipulative practice. It is what VotersNotPoliticians have done across states now. These amendments, like the one passed here in Michigan, allow for a bi-partisan commission to control the dividing lines of districts rather than the politicians of any one party. If you live here in Michigan, you know a lot of money has been raised to neuter this amendment but we are still in the game and the running. We are gathering those who may want more information about serving on this commission or to help volunteer in other ways to make sure this amendment remains empowered and that a commission is in place.

In any case, I present all this to you because here is an organization you can get behind that doesn’t really set out to divide us. It is an effort of shoring up the foundations of our democracy by really going after the core basics of what is crumbling and being attacked in our Democracy. It is a very simple and easy cause to get behind and I hope you will join me. You can go to their website at or you can message me for more info ME Let’s make our elections fair again for all!