Spiritual Reflection I


As part of my holiday weeks off, I have determined to follow my soul and spirit longing and dive deeper into the divine.  To that end, one of my favorite writers of deep spiritual "stuff!" is Andrew Murray.

Here is a quote that just chimes my bells for you to chew on today:

"The words of men have often exerted a wonderful and a mighty influence.  But the words of God--they are creative deeds, they give what they speak. "He spake and it was done."  When God speaks in the Son, God give the Son to us, not only for us and with us, but in us. God speaks the Son out of the depth of God's heart into the depths of our heart.  The words of people appeal to the mind or will, the feelings or passions. God speaks to that which is deeper than all, to the heart, that central depth within us whence are the issues of life." (pg. 33, The Holiest of All).

Many Fundamentalists can only see "the word of God" as the literal interpretation of the Bible but here Murray speaks to what a living God is not only speaking directly to our hearts in and through the Christ and the love of parent to child, but also what God is doing and creating through us. I am so fortunate that I reach this place in my life often but surely not often enough.  As Andrew Murray concludes in this section, "It is the heart God wants; let us open the whole heart to listen and to long."