Is That How You Do Life?


Is That How You Do Life?

Poem by LA Jamison


How do you do life?
How is it done?
We all want a life of meaning
And a little fun under the sun. 

Some find shelter in slums,
Others run from a gun,
Working those numbers
Like WallStreet.
And Life’s a blur
Of those fast moving feet. 

Is life a spinning ball?
Hate for hate
Love for Love
Time is rolling on
Where will you go?
When will you get it on?

I give
You take.
They rake,
We bake.
Who appreciates
Time gone missing
Until it’s too late?  



Jambalaya is our make-up
Yet we act like we stuck-up,
In one-track thoughts,
We have made up,
To get a hold of time.
When she escapes us
Like a villain
Even when we are chilling
It feels like such a crime. 

Trying to piece together a little reality
Fair for all?
How about some unity?

They say love is blind
Don’t waste your time
Extend your hand and
I'll pay your fine. 

Go call your mother
Father, sister
Or brother
Doesn't have to be blood
But take the time
To make your life worthwhile

Find the time to laugh
To dance, to cry, 
To see and hear, 
To make the most of those
You hold dear.

Because before you know it,
I give another minute,
You take another Hour.
They take a Day,
And we stack the Years.