Look At Me!

A poem by LA Jamison


Look at Me!

Look at me,

in my tights,

in my drag,

under Instagram’s lights.

Look at me,

the people I know,

all the things I do,

The places I can go.

Look at me,

my life is my brand,

follow my feed,

try to understand.

Look at me,

under the stage lights,

my false self, center stage,

my real self, far stage right.

For God’s sakes, look at me!

I am a big deal,

don’t miss my life,

An Oscar worthy film reel.

Look at me,

1:00-I am feeling high.

1:10-I’m lower than lower.

Where it all stops,

no one knows.

Please, look at me,

I want to be seen, but

not for who I am,

for who I pretend to be.

Look at me.