by L.A. Jamison


I. Ornament

As bright as the rising sun.

A light so hypnotizing,

I wasn’t sure where I ended

And where he had begun.

Within each other’s stares

We both glittered and glowed,

That’s when he let me in on a secret

One he thought I should know.



You are but a Christmas ornament,

Said he,

A great, multi-faceted thing!

I'll pull you out and look at you

When it pleases me.

I will keep you in a box,

Stored away as one of the best,

Kept away from all the rest.

I will use you when it pleases me,

And you’ve past the test!

You are durable, uniquely shaped,

And something to behold.

But, now it is time to put you back,

Underneath this cold heart,

Secured underneath my manicured chest.

Your season is over,

I hope you'll understand.

Every ornament has its season,

And yours is at its end. 


I thought him audacious,


A once bright light,

Now, blinding, piercing,

Merciless and unforgiving.

But, many tears down

This rocky road I've tread,

I’ve come to see a rather

Uncooth and uncomfortable reality.


II. Mental


I am an ornament after all.

Made of strong metal,

Passed back and forth.

Brilliantly entertaining!


Nice to look at!

A pleasure to experience!

Perfect for the season!

Something to admire,

Or maybe something to envy,

“Use as needed”,

Printed on my forehead.

Feeding dead souls,

They crawl out of their graves,

They consume,

Leave when they’re done.

They hiss a last word,

Licking their lips,

Living close to the grave,

Like they may soon expire,

Stay close by,

They say,

In case of need,

Should your season transpire.


III. Emerge


Distracted by the light

By the reflection of myself,

In them, I despised,

By seeing my needs

In the need of others,

I consumed them too,

Like I won a prize.

But, now I see

I must make a new fight.

I’m meant to walk in a different light.

Falling from the only branch I’ve known,

Rolling on,

Out from under that dying holiday tree.

It’s time to firmly grasp my own destiny,


Cindy Lou Who (It is said she is no more than 2!)

Cindy Lou Who (It is said she is no more than 2!)


In God, I trust,

I want to serve,

The One who has given me

Far more than I deserve.

Time to move past relationships

Built around need,

To walk with those who truly

Care about me.

Time to expand my own

Destiny, too.

To create something new.

To break free from this cocoon,

To emerge out of this crystallized shell.

After all,

To only be a shiny ornament,

Is as lonely as hell.