The Prison of My Mind


by LA Jamison

The prison of my mind,

I did at first resent.

I wasn't sure of my crime,

And I wasn't about to pay rent.

But, there I was,

And here I am,

Unsure of where to go.

The key went missing,

A very long time ago.

I rattle the cage.

I holler and passersby, 

Well, they only roll their eyes,

Say to me,

the key is right there,

In my damn hand.

Maybe so, I can't tell,

My eyes have grown dim

Lost the feeling,

In my skin,

from years in this cold, damp cell.

A sage comes along,

Somehow in my cage too.

Says might as well make myself at home,

Put up my feet,

Grab a beer or two.

After all.., all of this..

Stretching out his bony arms,

Putting on exhibit

My small domain..,

He exclaims,

You might be here another 

Year or Two.

So I do just that.

Why put up a fight?

The sage is wise

I've done what I could,

There's no exit in sight.

Days, weeks,

Or is it years that pass?

I look in the dusty mirror,

A sun beam penetrates

the smudge and fungus

barred window pane,

Behind me,

And even the sun's light

Here, only leaves the outline of

My silhouette. 

Unable to reach me, 

Unable to reveal me.

Dust flickers in the light

Like fallen stars rising one last time.

I want to rise with them. 

I'm 20

I'm 30

I'm 53

And that's when I realize

The sage in my cage

Was really me.