Society's Angel

(li censed thru adob e)

(licensed thru adobe)


by LA Jamison

The Angel's Cry


An angel in society’s purgatory,

Placed in a mansion.

No windows,

No doors.


Dreamed dreams,

Trained in holy arts

of new and old,

Fought in battles,

Numbers untold.

Flying upward,

For freedom's sake,

Missions unknown,

Found myself trapped

In this mansion,


And alone. 


Told myself,

I must find a way out,

From corner to crack,

Closets to vents.

Flapping my wings,

Banging my head,

On ceilings and walls,

Nothing gives way.

am I forever,



I have things to accomplish,

Things to say,

Want to be heard,

But not just words,

Want to be known.

The landlords

Won't seem to throw

Me even just one,



They’ve kept me here,

For a thousand years.

Lost my sense of reality,

Feels like I've been here,

For eternity.

I want to shout,

'There has to be

A way out!'

But who will hear?

There is no one near,

No one but me,

For a thousand years.

Same doors,

Same floors,

Same cold,




The task is mine,

With help from the Divine,

In the recesses of my mind,

Lord, have mercy as

My heart beat rises,

With the morning sun.

Perhaps today is the One,

The One I've been waiting for,

Escape this prison,

Shatter a window,

Bust through those barred, 


The Landlord's Reply


The landlords sigh,

A cold wind to

Ruffle the sturdiest, 

Of angel's wings.

Mists on the floor

Reveal dead faces,

Passionless and embittered,

And other disgraces.


Too bad for you,

The landlords hiss,

You fight and resist,

But have failed to see,

This mansion is

Your final destiny.

You let lofty thoughts

Disturb your mind,

You're but from society's womb,

And this dark mansion,

Your eternal tomb.


Oh, do not cry!

Do not weep!

This fortress was made

Just for you,

So rest and sleep!

You weren't meant to

Fly above,

Oh no, my love!

Your wings are but decoration,

Down here,

With us now,

In this gloom,

Be still, be quiet,

As we seal

Your doom. 


Hush, say we.

We don't care,

What it is that you want

To lay bare.

We only want to

Bury you, there.

If you were to escape, 

Motivated by your,

Grandiose epiphanies,

You may succeed,

And become better

Than we.



You were meant,

To give in, so,

Don't move.

Your mansion,  

Your tomb.

Embrace the suffocation,

Breath in your doom.