Elections: Back to the Future Pt. II--by LA Jamison

                                                        Are your seat belts on? 

                                                        Are your seat belts on? 

All has been said and done with the election. We are learning how words matter now that the president elect has been decided. He ran as a bully, a bull in a china shop, over civil rights and politic correctness and running over everyone in his wake. Now bullies have been empowered and are rising up. Here in Michigan, middle schoolers in a cafeteria ran chants "build that wall". 5 people were shot by a Trump supporter tired of people exercising their free right to protest. In Pennsylvania, High Schoolers paraded through their school chanting "White Power!".  We don't have a good start including angry Trump protesters performing vandalism .  As one who has went through bullying all my life, to witness children now engaging in it more or victimized by it more because people ignored the seriousness of Trumps words and actions, is beyond disheartening for me personally.

But let's move on to how elections will work in the future, as far ahead as 2020.  First, though, ever wonder how that voting machine works? I've only been privy to those kind that read them like a scanner or fax machine but there are others.  Apparently, a row of light-emitting diodes (maybe for this election it was dildos instead of diodes?) shines light on the paper while scanners pick up on the darkened ovals. This information is stored on a memory card. Then your ballot falls into a bin for recount if needed. There is a print out of vote tallies along with the memory card that are brought to precinct headquarters.   You can read more about this and the other forms of voting over the years here


Now, let's take a time warp to 2020..let's do the Time Warp again! Here's what folks in this field see as being available to us:



1. Social Media on Steriods: 

Political bots will monitor your analyze your tweets, posts, and Instagram photos and other data to know more about you than they do even now. Big Brother for Uncle Sam. Your social network will be considered a treasure hunt to be digged through to find your top social influencers, what you're reading, and the subjects that matter to you.

2. Artificial Conversations

You may have noticed this year more texts, chats and voice mails about voting and candidates.  Facebook Messenger had 11,000+ chatbots this year where an algorithm chatted with end users over Messenger as if it were a person. By 2020, it will be actual voices like Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa with a lot of improvements. It won't be one sided either. You will be able to carry out full conversations with this new Artificial Intelligence.  They will have so a large amount of personal information about you that you might feel a family member or your best friend fed them the information.

3. More Sensors For More Nonsense? 

Targeted advertisement is on it's way. The AI for this kind of thing will be using cameras throughout our environments to track our movements, phone and even right down to your heart rate.  So what does a typical Republican do activity wise? Or a Democrat?  Ever see a sci-fi movie like Minority Report? In it, scanners pick up on character's faces in a mall and make advertisement pitches to them geared on the info they have.  This will happen around political advertisements as well.  Maybe our candidates will appear to us in a thong? Who knows LOL!


4. Digital, Realistic Avatars

In about four years, we should be able to have programmable avatars of candidates that we can manipulate to say anything. This has already been by researchers out at Stanford University. 

5. New Way of Voting

It is not a far stretch that by this time will be able to buy things, put our faces on things and even vote via our own devices.  Mobile payments in 2016 were 600 mill.  In 2102, it is estimated to be at 1 Trillion. You will be able to do all this with a flick of your fingers.

The information for this and to read more came from this article 5 Big Tech Trends That Will Make This Election Look Tame

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