Your Transformation Begins in 5..4..3..2..


It is not surprising with the advances in science that we know much more than we did than 100 years ago, even 10 years ago.  However, it is surprising that it seems hard for humans to accept these advances. You might have a posture in yourself right now that is like a person with their hands on their hips saying, "Yeah, what is the matter with people!?!"  Well, hold onto your bootstraps because this may transcend what you have thought of or heard of before.  In order to truly transform, there is always a bit of non-comfortability, confusion and even anxiety but you aren't reading this because you want to remain right where you are, right? Hopefully, you are reading this because you want a change, you want to grow and "transform". 

To understand how ingrained in our DNA the process and desire to transform is we only need to begin at the beginning; at birth.  Our transformation began in a rather, dare I say, transgender experience.  Yes, quite a controversial word and idea for some. I don't know how you see or feel about adult transgender individuals. I will admit that it was a hard one for me to get my mind around UNTIL I saw the documentary "Prodigal Sons" and interacted with transgender people.  Regardless, even if you aren't there with it yet, science proves we have all went through a physical process at birth that is similar to what an adult transgender goes through around identity.  So, don't be too quick to judge until you finish reading this.

Transgender is defined by the dictionary as;

of, relating to, or being a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth.”--Merriam Webster


noting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that person’s biological sex assigned at birth: “

I would suggest that there is an element lacking even in these definitions since doctors are only able to look at the physical to determine gender which can be ambiguous at birth. Some children are born with ambiguous genitals and doctors go ahead and just assign them a gender. 

Were you aware that for 60 days in the womb you were ambiguous gender wise? You existed as neither gender or as some suggest can equally be said, that you existed as both genders.  Others suggest, like this Men's Fitness article, that we are all born female and this only changes when or if the male hormone comes on the scene.  However, more credible sources like Web MD take issue with that claim and say we exist in an asexual state with nipples until 60 Days later.  It is interesting to note, that regardless what side you take on that debate, without the male hormone, the clitoris would never transform into the male penis nor would the ovaries descend and become the male testicles. The differences between male and female are slight.  As a matter of fact, a male fetus can be fought against because the female body will recognise it as a foreign body causing miscarriages or the inability of a female to have further children after a male is born. Not always, but it can. 


What does any of this have to do with your own transformation goals this upcoming year? Well, from that place of birth you transformed in the gender you are today but you didn't start that way. Going back even further, out of millions of sperm, here YOU are! You are the lone winner of a million sperm race! Your next door neighbor, your co-worker, and even your relatives who you can't stand are all survivors and winners of their own races.  We exist in a world of survivors! Fighters!  Does that make us perfect?   Well, that depends on how you define perfect.  In your goals for your transformation, what do you expect or demand of yourself? Is it reasonable or does it come from a harsh judge place?  With the birth of children, we hold certain expectations. It is why births that come with "defects" or "miscarriages" are such a lonely experience for mothers because society pushes out these realities just as we often demand flawless performances of ourselves.  We push these things away and don't give room for them.  We define perfection by what we think we know meanwhile missing out on the great gifts diversity has for us.  We see differences as flaws, and I ask you as you transform into the new year, will you accept the different? When you transform, you will no longer be the same so if you accept the difference in you, it is hypocritical to judge different transformations in others.  For example, if we define perfection around birth in the old traditional sense of male/female, proportional size, the right color etc. then you are in for a shock.  Look at the following pictures but be forewarned, they are jarring. There is a point to them that relates to your transformation so don't jump ship just yet. 

Do people only come with one head?     

Do people only come with one head?


                                                       Do twins only come in separate bodies?

                                                       Do twins only come in separate bodies?


Is this God's mistake? Don't we say "God doesn't make mistakes"? What will this child think about your response?

If it is true in the animal kingdom, is it true for us too? What sin did this turtle commit to be born different, with two heads? Or is this really a result of the complex nature of birth?

If it is true in the animal kingdom, is it true for us too? What sin did this turtle commit to be born different, with two heads? Or is this really a result of the complex nature of birth?

Hermaphrodite statue--Louve.  Even in the medieval ages they recognized things like hermaphrodites which are people who are born with both sets of genitals.

Hermaphrodite statue--Louve. Even in the medieval ages they recognized things like hermaphrodites which are people who are born with both sets of genitals.

(Here is a link to how Mid-Evil society dealt with Hermaphrodites by the way.  It is interesting read. It was all based on whether they could propagate or not.  Go here)

We keep such realities hidden from the mainstream and I wonder why.  The result is we conduct our lives and form our beliefs in bubbles of "life as we know it", ignorant of these realities and thus limiting our own transformations.  So what is my point? Am I saying that Transgender people are like two-headed turtles?  That you are like a two-headed Turtle? No, of course not. What I am saying is something the article on the Medieval Period above suggests, that we have a set of norms instituted in America and other countries based on this idea of perfection (in these examples, genetic perfection shown by the level of horror you felt in what saw) that isn't based on reality and our transformation goals shouldn't be ruled by them because they are narrow and misguided.  Why is this important? Because when things don't go perfectly in our transformation process, or we fail, it can keep us from trying again.  If our transformation takes us down a different road than we planned, that we don't recognize, we could back out of our transformation and miss out on tremendous growth opportunities that heal you and the world around you.

It is interesting in this country and in Hitler Germany just how crazy things went about this idea of genetic perfection, and "pure breeds".  In the Mid-eval Ages their knowledge was limited. Today, we don’t have that excuse.  We know things that they didn’t know back then and if you don't know them, it is my joy to share them with you;

  1. Our own humanity (an extension of all nature and the planet) isn’t interested in a religiously ordained status quo of human beings like something off an assembly line. Nature has always been interested in diversity and complexity and continues to produce variety, not just for survival but for sheer creativity. Diversity isn’t imperfection, it is life and makes the world a better place.  

  2. As you were born and transformed into who you are, and as you continue to transform as a person into who you will be, we CAN accept everyone no matter their differences because we all are constantly transforming and on different paths.  To reject those differences is to reject ourselves.

Ironically, in the LGBT community, those who have "come out" and transformed into transgenders are still the less accepted crew with bi-sexuals coming in at a distant second.  It was something that surprised me when I came out in a minority population that has itself has been so marginalised.  That is, the same pattern of misunderstanding and in-fighting.  Racial groups that have been marginalised often struggle within themselves about those who don’t look or act like a “pure breed” of their own understanding or even the differences that marginalise them. As a line in a movie goes, "Oh the humanity!"  However, we are at that stage where we are now without excuse. We must embrace difference or humanity perishes in things like wars led by bigoted tyrants.  If we don't transform, we do not lift the generations coming behind us up to do greater things than we have done. We limit them as we have limited ourselves. We are not in the Medieval Ages and who wants to be?


 26 people who identified as transgender were murdered in 2016 just because they were Transgender, just because they are "different" from the mainstream. Yet from the time of birth we have all been transforming around gender. Celebrate differences in 2017, let’s not kill them. Embrace them. Transformations and differences even around the physical or identity are not the spawn of Satan the Church from days of old have said. It is reality. It IS who we are and how we live. Welcome to the human race. Let's celebrate it, yes?