Underneath the Hood of a Hillary Voter


The Hillary Voter (qualifier: I am one)

So what's the deal with the Hillary voter?  For a Trump voter, it seems to them that Hillary voters are willing to vote for an establishment candidate spouting the usual politically correct language who was careless and shady.  The Hillary voters actually have some things in common with Trump voters, believe it or not.  They are struggling with unemployment, high insurance premiums and even disillusionment with the government.  However, their fight or sense of disenfranchisement is different.  The "good ole' days" for the Trump voter were times for the Hillary voter when their voice was silenced, their freedoms infringed upon that have continually brought the Civil Rights Movement to the steps of Washington--even as recent as the fight for Gay Marriage just this year.  The LGBT person had to remain in the closet with no rights whatsoever and a lot of violence acted upon them during the days that many Trump voters would consider "Great!". The immigrant had to take jobs of very low wages and was scorned for not being "white"with violence acted upon them.  Somehow so many have forgotten that we are descended from many immigrants, illegal or not.  It could be our family facing deportation threats.  How women and race were treated in schools and the work place were worse than they are now but even with the gains we have had, the improvements haven't been that much better for them.  In an environment of white american males unwilling to listen or learn because "those values are not my values, or how I was raised", as one Trump supporter told me, have left progressives with little options but to go on without them, scream and shout, and try to win other supporters who will help with fair and equal treatment and the "Pursuit of happiness" for them too!   Large contingents of minorities are in a shambles with crumbling infrastructure which has deepened and spread to the suburbs only due to the wide spread economic struggles.  Until this reached the suburbs, the average white American didn't really care.  We all cry about infrastructure now but realize that Hillary voters have lived, actively fought for or supported those who have lived in pockets of poor infrastructure for decades.  Those for the Trump "change" did not hear nor register the threatening ideals that Donald unleashed upon these groups to get on the platform he now stands.  He ignited and fanned these flames for a year and a half.


If you are LGBTQ like myself, the first thing Trump said he wants to do in office is over turn our ability to get healthcare as married couples; if you are a free speech advocate, he wants to enact measures to limit the press; if you are a minority in any sense of the word but especially if you are Muslim and Latino, you will face much more discrimination under his policies; if you are a woman, he only sees you as sexual object; if you are a foreign ally or near a volatile country, you face the threat of a president with easy access to nukes; if you are a mental health professional, you see a man who reacts to paranoia and people reacting to his paranoia; if you are health care professional or live below the poverty line or have pre-existing conditions, you are about to see the gains made in your health care potentially overturned.   Yes, no one argues that premiums are a problem but we are about to lose the gains we had with no plan for a viable substitute.   That is why we are uptight. It is not because Democrats didn't win the White House.  It is very rare that any party wins more than two terms at the helm of the presidency.  No, it's because we all have been threatened severely and its been treated by Trump and Trump voters as no big deal in the same way they feel their values are being treated.  So, we are at a deadlock.  But understand that this candidate exacerbated those very core wounds and made the divide deeper instead of just being inclusive to white male and women voters.  This is why you see Hillary voters demonstrating in the street to frustration of the Trump voter that wonders why they are accepting the transition.  Trump's words and willingness to trample on all they have fought for since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement have inflamed them. In essence what you are seeing is mini-civil right marches across the country based on hurt and also fear of what he will do.  Bringing in Newt Gingrinch doesn't help matters as he too has assaulted these groups and was even supportive of reinstating child labor a few years backs. 


With the power of his own elected cabinet and an aging supreme court holding one vacant seat already, Hillary voters are very fearful, and rightfully so, because of his very own claims, that he will stay true to his threats.  In a way, they are not able to see that are measures in place to stop him from really following through many claims and that rarely does a President get to do even half of what he campaigns for.  It still doesn't mean he can't do a lot of damage, especially with a Republican held Congress.  

The Hillary voter sees America that is unique to other countries just as the Trump voter but for different reasons.  The Hillary voter sees our uniqueness in the aspects of free speech and free press, a non political military and balanced/nonpolitical judiciary, nondiscriminatory immigration, the freedom of fair elections, and peaceful transitions of power.  While the Trump voter sees those foundations as the right too bare arms, a uni-lateral military, freedom of religion, limited government, and peaceful transitions of power.  The difference is vast as to what each side values but we need to see what those values are and not trample them as something crazy, worthless like have all been doing.  Where we disagree about them, we best find compromise because I know few people who throw away core values just because someone else doesn't value them in return.