What Straight Men Can Learn From Gay Men & Their Underwear


What Straight Men Can Learn From Gay Men & Their Underwear--by LA Jamison



Having lived as a closeted man pretending to be straight, I know what it is to shop for men’s underwear in the typical straight man's world.  It is a vast field of the color white! Yawwwwn. There are some additions; black, gray, marine green, maroon, and various shades of blues.  Fit and style wise, you have the the following; the lesser bought (and now almost extinct) bikini briefs, the most prominent regular briefs of white, boxers, and boxer briefs.  If you are a macho straight guy, it feel almost border line gay to buy any colored bikini brief or regular brief beyond those traditional mundane colors like white, black and gray.  At least with black you get into dark mystery like Batman. This is not so much the case in European countries but in America it is frowned upon and seen as too revealing for a man to be wearing a bikini anything unless you are a model. They aren't being purchased by straight men as much so stores are selling them less and less. However, boxers and boxer briefs, can be of any color and patterns.  Who knew? Shy and lack luster men everywhere have boxer briefed themselves into a corner of boring underwear with boring neutral, non exciting colors. 


If it wasn’t bad enough that most of us men keep wearing the same underwear until the seams are flowing like streamers from a wedding long gone, most men don’t concern themselves with anything more than their own comfort underwear wise. Who cares what it looks like as long as I am comfortable.  And you wonder why your wife is bored with you?


Yuck and Yawn!


The closest that straight laced companies have come to for something of style and pop is the brand 2 xist and Under Armor.  Even so, the colors aren’t that far from the past though they can be a little more fitting and eye catching. A little but not by much. 

But let me ask you this fellas...

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom?  Want a bit of a confidence booster you weren’t expecting to get? How about something to enhance your ass-ets?  Or put it this way, would you keep buying and wearing the same exact kind of shirt with the same 1-2 colors over and over and expect your partner to be turned on by you?  Guys get real! That is boring! You are visual creatures, so don't expect out of your wife to do what you yourself won't do.  Get a leg up, surprise her and spice things up! 

Enter men’s underwear websites to the rescue!  No, it is not just for gay men! This is similar to an article I did on the Gay Man’s Swimsuit.  Just because you are a guy and shop at a website site that exclusively sells stylish, eye popping and sexy underwear doesn’t make you gay nor do you become gay by shopping on a website even geared toward gay men.  Let’s face it.  Gay men and women want the same eye candy in men’s wear so you benefit because we not only have your wife's eye, we often have their ear. In the world of underwear, the items to enhance on a guy are your rear, legs and junk in the front.  So get over the homophobia guys!  Men are taking care of things such as grooming like never before so don’t feel ashamed at checking out these sites and buying something. You aren't going to magically become gay and gays aren't going to come knocking on your door asking to see you model them.  One thing I can promise you: you won’t find styles, fits and sexual arousing undies like these in department stores or even your local lingerie shop!  Those places are still largely geared toward women’s wear to begin with so you won't find even half of the store geared to mens wear.

Therefore, let’s go over four benefits for every guy for sprucing up your underwear drawer from a few places online I will share in a moment.


1. FitAs a pre-warning, be sure to check out underwear merchants size specs because the difference between Medium and Large to Extra Large can and often does vary between websites.  There are a lot websites promoting wild varieties of underwear that you probably haven’t experienced before. Designs that are tight fitting where it counts and look great, yet also give a lot room for your package.  A company like Andrew Christian sports “show-it technology” which separates your junk out for a more a pronounced look and feel. They also have their “almost naked” feel brands which feel like you aren't wearing anything at all while being fully supported. You got bikini briefs, to peek-a-boo briefs for easy access for your special jewels for your lover. You got boxer briefs with stylish reveals to the backside for anal pleasure or to show off that booty.  Don’t give you partner that same old bland, military or non-descript look! Accentuate what you got!  This is going to help her want to undress you more not less.  Keep abreast (pun intended) of new stuff and get new stuff. Nothing is more of a turn off for most women than a sweaty, grumpy guy who has underwear that now looks like a road-kill disaster happened inside them! Yes, find one’s that are comfortable for you. Comfort is important but also find ones that accentuate those three features (legs, ass, and junk).  Be sure they are comfortable, but also that they accentuate what you got going on and that stimulate you a little sexually for that Lion’s RAWR of sexual energy that is going to appeal to women and boost your confidence. 

2. Plenty of Color Options—The sites catering to gay men and those thinking out of the box on underwear have so many colors but also so many color combinations, it is unbelievable.  So, enough with the white, grays and blues.  Alternating colors and patterns that you never wore before does not make you gay!  It makes you new and exciting to the one seeing it.  Depending on your body hair and general hair and eye color, you might really pop in color combinations like black and yellow underwear, just an example.  What about gold, silver or royal blue with bright red?  Maybe a tight boxer brief with dark blue and orange that can appear sporty.  Who knows! Think of the colors you wear clothes wise, and those colors will probably work for you underwear wise as well. Also try new colors and see what makes you pop!


3. Plenty of Style Options—Now, if you thought websites catering to gay men and underwear enthusiasts had a variety of color options, style wise, these websites are out of this world.  You really have to visit several websites to get an idea of all the options available to you.  These are options you aren’t going to see anywhere else.  There are thongs but have you heard of spider thongs?  Spider briefs? There are jocks but have you heard of cock socks?  What about briefs that cover everything but your junk or just part of your junk. You have heard of leather but have you heard of underwear in neoprene?  This doesn’t even begin to cover what is out there.  You want your spouse or those you are courting not to cringe or roll their eyes when you are down to your BVD’s right? Heck, you don’t want them to even to think just “okay”, and then turn over and go to asleep.  You want them to want to salivate a little when they see you in these bad boys--like the best dessert they have yet to have tried!  Get beyond the tighty whit-ies and loosey gooseys, it's time to up your game men!


4. Instant Confidence Booster—Lastly, when you find something that you can wear so tightly, so intimately close to your body, and that fits comfortably, accentuates your best assets while stimulating you and your partner, this is just another confidence booster and joy added to your life. Who doesn’t want that?

Here is a list of some places where you can get a sampling to change your under-wardrobe for the better.  Take advantage of it. I won’t tell!


Here are 3 direct sites to get you started






Here is a list of some (by no means all) brands & websites



Calvin Klein


Cheap Undies.com



Cover Male



Good Devil

Gregg Homme


Joe Synder

Male Power