My Experience With Harvey Weinstein

There is probably no one more hated in the news cycle right now (save President Trump) than movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.  If you aren't a movie buff or don't really pay attention movie credits at all, you might not have noticed the Weinstein label at the start of a film but here it is.



He has an endless of credit of work as a producer, director and executive producer that include the biggies like Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Cider House Rules, Lord of the Rings series, Chicago, Shakespear in Love, Gangs of New York and many others.  He has also won a number of awards.  What he never won is the hearts of those he worked with, especially if you were female (but not exclusively so).

Both women and yes even men are coming forward now in droves and exposing him as a sexual abuser. Now, the dominos are falling.  And Ripley's believe it or not, I had communication with the movie mogul myself many years ago. Albeit brief, when this story came out and people began talking about his short temper and abusive nature which seems tattoed in the very energy he gives off, it didn't surprise me.  His main message that he is putting out there is that he acknowledges what he has done and hopes for a second chance.  Who doesn't believe in second chances?  But, I wonder how much Harvery gave others second chances?  Does he look like a guy who would do that? I have my doubts and specifically after a communication I had with him years ago, albeit brief.


Years ago I had written a movie script and began petitioning production companies to guage their interest. Honestly, I knew nothing about Weinstein back then.  I was young and inexperienced in the field of script writing.  I hardly paid attention to who produced what.  When I communicated with the Weinstein company via email (not realizing the BIG HOUSE I had really contacted), I never imagined that I would hear back from Harvey personally himself but I did.  He responded to a query letter I wrote letting me know he was the producer.  When I wrote the query letter, I did not include my physical address in the cover because this was email. Instead, I just included my name, email and phone number.  In a scolding manner, he said it was a shame that I hadn't included my physical address because the script may have had potential, but he refused to look at it because I hadn't use the proper form by not including my physical address.  When I wrote back and explained that I had omitted that address because this was email, he let me know that I had one chance and had blown it. He wasn't giving me a second chance.  You might ask to see the seem email for proof. I wish I had kept it. I have no proof that conversation occured because I never kept the email so for some people this may seem made up or conjecture but I assure you it is not. I just thought whoever the guy was, he was a jerk and I moved on to other queries (being sure to include my physical address too).  It was only many years later after the email had gone to the cyber hell that I had realized how big a production company this was.  A small experience that didn't effect me tremendously. I mean, yes, I wanted to punch myself for not being anal as he demanded I be, but I had no clue back then what Weinstein was vereses any other production company.  As I said, I was pretty young. 

With such a small item as that, I have to really wonder about the second chances he extended to others when it even mattered more.  I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a second chance, but I think of that jailer in the Bible who pleaded for forgiveness from a judge and then after being freed went about imprisoning others for the slightest infraction. The judge brought him back and locked him up for even longer, scolding him for not extending the mercy he himself had been shown.  Perhaps some sort of charma or judgement has fallen on this high profile producer who abused his power?  I don't know.  Sometimes people can redeem themselves afer a big fall and I'm all for that. However, there is also another issue here. Would this qualify as a "second chance" for Harvey should he get help and restored to his position down the road?  Apparently, he has multiple cases where he settled out of court way before this came to light for sexual transgression so weren't those wake up calls themselves? Wouldn't he actually be on his fifth or sixth chance?  What this is really about, in my humble opinion, is that this is the first time his actions really created enough of a domino effect to garner so much media attention.  There is no settling this behind the curtain like the other cases.  There's no where he can hide so he has to speak to it.  Companies are already pulling out his projects. We got Angelina Jolee and Scarlett Johansson stepping out and giving voice to their experiences.   Hopefully, he really does get help but should he be allowed back in such a position after harming so many lives? I don't think so, I'm sorry.  We will have to see what Hollywood chooses to do. Apparently his membership in the film and producer industry is up for review with all this backlash.  They will be meeting to make a decision in the next weeks.  Remarkably, other people with similar crimes like Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby did not lose their memberships.  What about those women in those cases though?  Whether it is 1 or 21, to that one person, their entire life is changed forever.  How many lives will take it for Hollywood to take a stand?  It is a shame, even if he is dethroned for good, that it is taking Hollywood so long to do what is right, especially toward women actresses.  I think everyone is hoping with this one, Hollywood has finally had enough of being caught with their pants down. It is well beyond the time of morality's clock that this ritual abuse--seen equivalant to a handshake for a movie deal we are hearing now--come to end.  It is a stain on the entire country which just so happens to put so much emphasis on our entertainment industry.  We stand as a model for the world and is this the image we want other countries to emulate?    


In the light of Trump rolling our country backwards in so many ways on so many horizons, I personally look forward to Hollywood bringing it's practices to the 21st Century and bring down this terrible industry standard of sexual abuse being a norm.  Can one institution step ahead instead of taking three steps back? I sure hope so.