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Got Words? is not just an author's product page but about all the things LA Jamison is involved in and supporting.  Got Words? is also about inspiring and sharing and activism. There is a need to know about companies and organizations that share common values that we humans, in our bare naked sense, fear are getting lost these days. You know, those real basics like fairness and the common good, to name a couple, but I think we are realizing that one thing we have in our favor is our buying power (not to mention voting power).  As companies gain power and status using humans as capital, the real humans become more like products in the eyes of the greedy. Got Words? looks for organizations that stand out above the fray.  Organizations and companies that are really out to help human beings and the planet as priority #1. 

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"Partners" are companies and organizations that are reviewed, experienced and hold to most, if not all, of the following characteristics:  Strong ethical values, passion for people first in business and governing, equality for all (no matter race, creed, religious belief or lack thereof, gender, sexual orientation or any differentiation ) and they look out for the welfare of the planet. Non profits with a spiritual center or non spiritual center that help your community are encouraged to submit their logo as long as the mission of any submitting organizations doesn't imply violations of the aforementioned characteristics. 

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1. The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health (www.crsh.com):  This is a private mental health outpatient facility providing relationship and sexual health counseling lead by Dr. Joe Kort, PH.D., MSW, MA.  Specialties include GLBT concerns, compulsive sexual behaviors, sexual fetishes, male sexual disorders, female sexual disorders and those in conflict with their religion and sexual functioning. 
2. MCC Detroit Church: (www.mccdetroit.org). Vision: Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit lovingly transforms lives by including all, inspiring each other and influencing community.  Mission and Strategy: We are a Christian church which offers a loving, supportive and non-judgmental environment to all people.  We exist to celebrate God's love through worship, fellowship, education and empowering individuals to develop a closer relationship with God.
3. Blue Elephant Studio Gallery : Creating Memorable Moments With Friends(www.blueelephantstudiogallery.com)  Painting parties brought to your home, these creative artists bring out your inner artist and inner child to create lasting memories with those you love. 
Disclaimer:   Partners do not necessarily agree with, support or promote everything published on Got Words? but rather choose to list themselves here in support of the purpose of this site.   Got Words? Publishing also does not necessarily support or promote every word or action of its partners but promises to keep abreast to these organizations values via their actions. 

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