Courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength to do what is right in the face of it.”
— J. Johnson

Who Are we & Why GotWords?

I am LA Jamison, the creator and visionary of this webpage.  Yeah, I know...writing in first person is a big no-no!  Do you ever get tired of all the "right" ways and expectations on doing things that box and suppress who you are and what you want to say and do, to the point that you say and do nothing?  This is the big "why" behind GotWords? Those who will be attracted to roam here are writers and readers but ones that want to engage on a real level and break out of the confines of only one way to see this world, one way you are to say something because that is the way it "should" be done, that is your "selling point", that is your genre, that is your gender, that is your race.  So I'm about to break that first person rule because I want to talk directly to you as a person and not as a third person entity. 

So let's get real here--->I could have made this purely an author's website to promote my materials, myself and...yawn, how boring that would be!  Yes, I have books, posts and other writings I want you to read and engage in but I want to hear back from you and even promote you and your work here should it fit!   It is my sincere hope that by sharing who I am that you not just learn more about me but about yourself and the world around you in a new, different light. 




Who I am:  First and foremost I'm a follower of divine spirit and a dreamer.  Secondly, I enjoy writing sci-fi/fantasy and non fiction works that make an impact.  From childhood to young adulthood, I allowed the world to hold me back from being all I could be.  No more.  My first published book is a memoir that details my struggles with bullying and coming out of the closet as a gay man after years of in the gay cure industry.  I hold a B.S Degree in Education combined with a vast array of experiences from lay counseling internships and self improvement workshops to intensive retreats focusing on bully prevention and diversity awareness.  I presently work with special needs children, run a local youth group and a writing group.  I enjoy nature, collecting way too many nick-knacks, movies, reading and exercise.  

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This is an all access web site to all things LA Jamison: from published works, blogs, reviews and inspiration.  However, it is more than just that.  We want to inspire, transform and if only to entertain you to make your day a little better, than yes, that too.  It is our belief words transform and this site takes an unconventional approach to an author's website by seeking to do more than to push products but to ultimately unite us all in making this a better world and by giving you a place to share your words.  You can even get free add space here if you choose by becoming a partner and share our common core values (see Partners page).  

Brief Burp in History:  Got Words? started as a desire to engage others through blogging, movie and book reviews on  The title "Got Words?" is a play on the television commercial "Got Milk?" implying milk is as essential as Words are for our survival.  In 2013, I completed my first memoir in light of the struggle LGBT people were facing across the globe.  Rather than continue to suffer in silence due to rejections from traditional publishers, Got Words? Publishing became my new self publishing venture.  It is my intention to use this platform to not only continue to express myself thru my writing but to also unite people through inspiration, activism and arts.